Adam Reissman never knew his mother. He was raised by his father, Saul Reissman and Saul's brother, Uncle Larry. They were happy with this arrangement and spent each High Holy Day together as a family. However, things changed when Adam met Victoria Hammond, fell in love with her, and asked her to be his wife. Saul was disappointed that Adam married outside the faith and disowned his son. Uncle Larry was pressured by Saul to sever his ties with Adam also.

As the years went by, Adam and Vicky spent each holiday with her family. Vicky's parents loved having her with them each Christmas. For Vicky's mother, Gloria Hammond, Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year. Every year, Gloria decorated the house from top to bottom. She planned out each day from winning the neighborhood holiday award for "Best Decorated Holiday Home", to planning the holiday parties, to trimming the tree, and to the special placement of her angel on the top of the tree. Christmas would not happen without Gloria Hammond! Adam and Vicky provided her parents with two grandchildren that only knew the holidays through Gloria and her husband, Paul.

This year Adam's father, Saul, passed away leaving only Uncle Larry. Adam's guilt and sympathy for his uncle prompted him to bring Uncle Larry back to the family. He invited Uncle Larry to come and spend the holidays with his family. Little did they realize that Chanukah and Christmas were falling on the same dates this year. They have to go to the Hammonds, as always, but now they have to bring Uncle Larry. They have also made a solemn promise to Uncle Larry that they would only be celebrating Chanukah this year. How will Gloria, who is obsessed with Christmas, react to this new wrinkle in her holiday plans?

Well, that is when the true story (and the fun) begins!

Cast of Characters

Uncle Larry Reissman (played by Richard Benjamin) -
the "invited" outsider - strong in his ideas and convictions about traditions and feeling the pressure that he is the last of his line since his nephew married outside the faith.

Paul Hammond (played by Tony Dow) -
husband of Gloria - watching silently and patiently as his wife gets crazier and more insane in regards to Christmas each year.

Gloria Hammond (played by Beverly Washburn) -
mother and grandmother - obsessed with Christmas and having everything go as she has planned.

Adam Reissman (played by Ross Benjamin) -
caught between his love for his family and his guilt for turning his back on his faith, traditions, and his Uncle Larry.

Vicky Reissman (TBA) -
married toAdam and feels the pressure that she ended the family line because she is not Jewish.

Teddy Hammond (TBA) -
the wayward son, still living at home in the basement - single, jobless, and no real future.

Billy Reissman (TBA) -
typical 11 year old that is experiencing Chanukah for the first time this year and thinks it is "lame".

Emily Reissman (TBA) -
sweet 7 year old that loves to dance, play, and, most importantly, get Christmas presents!