Updates for January, 2020

January 12, 2020
Stanley Livingston (best known for playing "Chip" on "My Three Sons")
adds his name to our growing cast list!

Stanley Livingston - actor, director, producer,
editor, and writer

Stanley Livingston has added his name to our growing list of attached talent!

We are very excited to have him on board and can't wait to see Stanley's performance as Rev. Coker, a long time family friend to the Hammonds.

Stanley comes to us with a long resumé of acting, directing, writing credits.

Just check out his amazing career at IMDb.

December Dilemma - The Movie

November 18, 2019

Big news!! Walter Murphy has signed on to December Dilemma to do the score for the film!!

Walter Murphy - composer, arranger, pianist, musician,
songwriter, and record producer.

If you are not familiar with his work just check out his IMDb page!!

He has recently scored many films for his good friend Seth MacFarlane such as American Dad, Family Guy, etc and scored the films Ted and Ted 2.

I remember him too as having the great disco hit "A Fifth of Beethoven"!!

So excited to have him on board!!

This project just keeps getting bigger and better!!!

December Dilemma - The Movie

November 10, 2019
We welcome Anthony Saenz to our team as Line Producer and Production Manager!

R&R Stage and Screen is happy to announce Anthony Saenz has joined our team. Anthony has vast knowledge in the business and great connections in the industry. He read the script and was immediately hooked. Within a short time, Anthony has created a perfect budget, shooting schedule, location lists, and all the details needed to fund the film and make the project a reality.

Anthony's connections and excitement about the film has made us feel very confident about finalizing the funding, making our movie, and getting December Dilemma in to distribution.

If you would like more information regarding the film and the production, Anthony Saenz can be contacted at:


Updates for September, 2019

R&R Stage and Screen, LLC join December Dilemma in Pre-Production

We are happy to announce that R&R Stage and Screen have now
Joined with December Dilemma to help with pre-production.

R&R Stage and Screen, LLC is a Bay Area based production company that is dedicated to create film projects here in the Bay Area. It is the company's goal to fund and create local films using the local talents of the actors and crew that can be found "right in our own backyard."

R&R just finished filming My Brother's Shoes - a full feature film - in July of last year and will be focusing on new projects and other ventures in the Bay Area.

They became interested in December Dilemma because of its warm story, great script, and stellar talent already on board. After the release of their current film, R&R will be focusing on the final costs on the pre-production to make December Dilemma a reality.


Updates for December 15, 2018

Beverly Washburn provides an exclusive interview to FilmFaxPlus on her rememberances of working on "The Lone Ranger"

FilmFaxPlus: Beverly Washburn: Remembering "The Lone Ranger"
Looking Back at the Original "Lone Ranger" Movie

Beverly Washburn, at the time one of the most prolific child actors working in Hollywood, was cast as young Lila Kilgore in the full length Lone Ranger motion picture released in 1956. In this interview she recalls her fond recollections of the production, including filming on location in Kanab, Utah and working with the legendary Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

Pick up your copy of FilmFaxPlus at Barnes & Noble or on-line at Amazon.com and read the five page article - and look forward to supporting her in her upcoming role as Gloria Hammond in December Dilemma!


Summer 2013 Issue No. 134

Beverly Washburn Interview

Updates for November 6th, 2018

Beverly Washburn - star of December Dilemma - her new book is out!

Reel Tears:
The Beverly Washburn Story,
Take Two

Reel Tears: The Beverly Washburn Story, Take Two

In this heartfelt and deeply revealing autobiography, Beverly Washburn talks from the soul about her astounding career as a child actress, and the difficulties she encountered as she became a teenager and then an adult. She also reflects back on her most famous movies, with many behind-the-scenes anecdotes never before revealed, and discusses her enduring friendships with some of entertainment's most prominent performers, including Jack Benny, Loretta Young, Lou Costello, and George Reeves.

Get the book now are read about this wonderful woman - and then support her in her upcoming role as Gloria Hammond in December Dilemma!

Beverly was one of Hollywood's most familiar child actors during the 1950s and '60s, a consummate performer who excelled at both comedy and drama with equal ease. Renowned for her uncanny ability to cry on cue, she appeared in countless television shows during the medium's Golden Age, and many of the era's best-loved movies, including Walt Disney's Old Yeller, The Greatest Show on Earth, Shane, and Spider Baby, just to name a few. Beverly made her first movie at age 6, and quickly found her niche. Over the years, her circle of friends included some of the biggest names in movies and television, many of whom she "dated" in the pages of the fan magazines-and in real life. But Beverly's fame went far beyond the silver screen. In the 1960s, for example, she even cut a hit record-"Everybody Loves Saturday Night"-written by the legendary folk artist Pete Seeger.

Get the book today!