Updates for June, 2015

More funding raised for pre-production! More funding needed!

R&R Stage and Screen is happy to announce that another shareholder has joined the cause to get December Dilemma to the screen.

Another 5 shares ($50,000) has been acquired from a very generous individual. But we are still looking for more who believe in the film and what is being done. The genorosity of many and the well wishes of many more have made us feel very confident about finalizing the funding and making our movie!!

But we are still not there, so please consider getting involved. There are still shares available and investments are open.

Put your name on this film! See yourself listed in the credits. Be a part of film history.

Movies are immortal and this is a way for you to be immortalized also. This film will play for many years. And your involvement and support will continue along with it.

Leave a legacy!

Updates for March, 2015

R&R Stage and Screen, LLC join December Dilemma in Pre-Production

We are happy to announce that R&R Stage and Screen have now
Joined with December Dilemma to help with pre-production.

R&R Stage and Screen, LLC is a Bay Area based production company that is dedicated to create film projects here in the Bay Area. It is the company's goal to fund and create local films using the local talents of the actors and crew that can be found "right in our own backyard."

R&R just finished filming My Brother's Shoes - a full feature film - in July of last year and will be focusing on new projects and other ventures in the Bay Area.

They became interested in December Dilemma because of its warm story, great script, and stellar talent already on board. After the release of their current film, R&R will be focusing on the final costs on the pre-production to make December Dilemma a reality.


Updates for December 15, 2014

Beverly Washburn provides an exclusive interview to FilmFaxPlus on her rememberances of working on "The Lone Ranger"

FilmFaxPlus: Beverly Washbur: Remembering "The Lone Ranger"
Looking Back at the Original "Lone Ranger" Movie

Beverly Washburn, at the time one of the most prolific child actors working in Hollywood, was cast as young Lila Kilgore in the full length Lone Ranger motion picture released in 1956. In this interview she recalls her fond recollections of the production, including filming on location in Kanab, Utah and working with the legendary Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

Pick up your copy of FilmFaxPlus at Barnes & Noble or on-line at Amazon.com and read the five page article - and look forward to supporting her in her upcoming role as Gloria Hammond in December Dilemma!


Summer 2013 Issue No. 134

Beverly Washburn Interview

Updates for November 6th, 2014

Beverly Washburn - star of December Dilemma - her new book is out!

Reel Tears:
The Beverly Washburn Story,
Take Two

Reel Tears: The Beverly Washburn Story, Take Two

In this heartfelt and deeply revealing autobiography, Beverly Washburn talks from the soul about her astounding career as a child actress, and the difficulties she encountered as she became a teenager and then an adult. She also reflects back on her most famous movies, with many behind-the-scenes anecdotes never before revealed, and discusses her enduring friendships with some of entertainment's most prominent performers, including Jack Benny, Loretta Young, Lou Costello, and George Reeves.

Get the book now are read about this wonderful woman - and then support her in her upcoming role as Gloria Hammond in December Dilemma!

Beverly was one of Hollywood's most familiar child actors during the 1950s and '60s, a consummate performer who excelled at both comedy and drama with equal ease. Renowned for her uncanny ability to cry on cue, she appeared in countless television shows during the medium's Golden Age, and many of the era's best-loved movies, including Walt Disney's Old Yeller, The Greatest Show on Earth, Shane, and Spider Baby, just to name a few. Beverly made her first movie at age 6, and quickly found her niche. Over the years, her circle of friends included some of the biggest names in movies and television, many of whom she "dated" in the pages of the fan magazines-and in real life. But Beverly's fame went far beyond the silver screen. In the 1960s, for example, she even cut a hit record-"Everybody Loves Saturday Night"-written by the legendary folk artist Pete Seeger.

Get the book today!

Updates for May 31st, 2014

A December Dilemma Dedication

I don't usually get "too personal" with my comments but those who know me will understand why I write this.

I have been trying my best to get December Dilemma fully funded and there have been a lot of stops and starts along the way. The movie is very dear to me. I wrote the script. The stories come from parts of my own past and experiences in life (just accentuated to be more entertaining!)

Over the last few months, I have been dealing with my father's deterioration into a bedridden state. Each of the last weeks has gotten harder and harder. He was in ICU for the last four weeks and via phone I had tried to help my mother cope as she stayed by his side night and day. I felt pretty helpless to assist being so far away as they live in Charleston, SC.

He passed away on Tuesday. 

The ironic part is the day he died was his birthday. May 29. He made it to 80 years old. Sad, beautiful, and ironic. Bittersweet.

The last few times I spoke with him on the phone, every time he said, "How's your movie coming?" Whenever I would confide that it is not easy to make a dream come true. He would reply, "You HAVE to make it. Don't give up."

So I will be dedicating the movie to his memory. And if you did not think I was determined to make this movie before ..... watch out!!

And now my dad can really be at the premiere as I promised him he would be!

I will be flying out on Thursday to Charleston SC where the funeral will take place on Saturday. I should be back by Tuesday.

Until then ....

Updates for March 9th, 2014

Sean Astin

Sean Astin is best known for his roles in:
Lord of the Rings
The Goonies
and Click

That's right! Our big news is that Sean Astin has agreed to join the cast of December Dilemma!

We have been under the radar lately while working on finalizing funding for our film, December Dilemma.

But we could not stay silent any longer!!! Sean Astin has read the script and agreed to join the cast of December Dilemma.

We are very excited at this news. In an email to me, Sean wrote:

"I love the premise of the movie. It would be great to work with the actors you’ve put together. You can tell people that I’m eager to work with you. I want to film in that locale."

There will be more news later, but I wanted to share this great news wtih everyone!

We are still looking more more investors and shareholders. Please pass this email on to anyone you know who may want to join in this great opportunity of being part of movie making HISTORY!

Thank you so much for your support and well wishes.

And thank you Sean Astin for joining our family! - Adam Reeves

Updates for September 28th, 2013

Ross Benjamin (star of December Dilemma)
will be appearing on Harry's Law tonight and next week!!

That's right! We really know how to cast a winner!

Ross will be appearing on the next 2 episodes of Harry's Law playing the role of Alfred Molina's rather odd son (an acting stretch for such a nice guy!) The first episode is tonight, Wednesday 9/28 on NBC @ 9pm Eastern & Pacific (8pm Central) and the second episode is next Wednesday 10/5 - same time, same network.

In the first episode, he has one nice scene being interviewed around the middle of the show, and in the second episode he has a whole sequence on the witness stand towards the beginning of the episode (and is seen throughout the show at the trial).

We hope you will support Ross by tuning in and watching! We know he is going to be great!

Give us any feedback and comments and we will be sure to forward them to Ross himself!

Updates for June 19th, 2013

More Exciting Casting Updates!
And Another Father's Day Message!

We are very excited to announce that the parts of Billy Reissman and Alexis Warren have been cast. Hayden Whitcomb gave an outstanding performance at the Call Backs on Saturday, June 4th. We are looking forward to adding him to our family of holiday misfits!

The character description for Alexis Warren called for "an attractive knock-out party guest that catches everyone's eye." With Amiee Conn playing the role of Alexis, I am sure you will agree the casting is perfect. Wait until you see her light up the screen with her beauty and talent!

Hayden Whitcomb

HAYDEN WHITCOMB (Billy Reissman)

Hayden Whitcomb, age 9, is a 5th generation San Franciscan, having two great-grandmothers who were both 1906 Earthquake survivors. He has performed with Dance Mission in Hip Hop and Tap Dancing, and has appeared in numerous Pottery Barn Kids catalogs (on 3 covers), in addition to appearing in print ads for many other retailers. Hayden got his professional start in acting at age 7 when he played Burt in Arthur Miller's American masterpiece All My Sons at the Actors Theatre of San Francisco. Most recently, Hayden appeared as Randolph, the precocious little brother, in Bye Bye Birdie at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (high school). Hayden follows in his grandfather and mother's footsteps, taking up the acting torch and running with it. Hayden is soon-to-be a 4th grader at his Spanish immersion elementary school in the SF Unified School District (and he is therefore fluent in Spanish!). He is VERY excited about making his film debut with December Dilemma.

Amiee Conn

AMIEE CONN (Alexis Warren)

Amiee Conn (Ah-me Kahn) was born and raised in the beautiful heart of wine country in Sonoma County and has been a part of music and theatre since she was a child. She most recently worked on the new HBO series Luck with Dustin Hoffman and is lead actress and Co-Producer in the award winning, sexy new comedy web series, "Lila, Long Distance". Early on, Amiee appeared in the lead roles on professional stage in Gypsy, The King and I, Evita and Beauty and the Beast. She made her television debut as "Concepcion" in The History Channel's "Conquest of America" mini-series. In 2006, Amiee was crowned Miss Sonoma County and then went on to graduate from the AMDA Conservatory for Musical Theatre and Film in Los Angeles. Amiee had a featured role in the film Bottle Shock, starring Bill Pullman, Chris Pine and Alan Rickman. In 2008, she appeared in the Divine Brown music video "Lay It on the Line". Recently, Amiee took part in an episode of The Kelsey Grammer & Bill Zucker Comedy Hour and had the pleasure of working with director Joel Zwick in Serrano: the New Musical.

Gracie Gremel, our darling little daughter in December Dilemma, wrote a sweet email to her "play father", Ross Benjamin.

The entire cast and crew of December Dilemma join Gracie and all the children of the world in wishing all Dad's out there a very Happy Father's Day! Did you remember to call yours today?

June 17, 2013

A Special Father's Day Wish From Our Little Girl!

Gracie Gremel, our darling little daughter in December Dilemma, can't wait to play Ross Benjamin's daughter.
She is so excited she decided to send him a Father's Day greeting!
She was so thrilled to write it to him that she was up until 11:30pm last night making sure to compose it in just the right way.

Emily Reissman
portrayed by
Gracie Gremel)

Dear Mr. Ross,

Happy Father's Day movie Dad!!! You were so nice for my audition in San Francisco. I like your hair and your brown eyes like mine. I'm so happy that you are going to be my "Dad" in our movie. I hope you are excited to be my first movie "Dad". We are going to have fun on the set. I hope we can draw a picture together and dance to the Black Eyed Peas.

My mom attached a picture I picked for you that I painted in my art class this year.

Love your movie "Daughter",

Gracie Gremel


Emily's Father
Adam Reissman
portrayed by
Ross Benjamin)

The entire cast and crew of December Dilemma wish to join Gracie in wishing all Dad's out there
a very Happy Father's Day! See you at the movies!

June 15, 2013

We have our Leading Lady!

We are thrilled to announce that the role of Victoria Reissman has been cast!

I hope you will all welcome Heather Gordon to our growing family!

Heather Gordon

Heather Gordon is a Bay Area native who has been acting professionally in theatre since she was 11. She recently received her Masters degree in Acting at the American Repertory Theater/MXAT Institute at Harvard University. She has performed in several major productions at such theaters as the world renowned Moscow Art Theatre. Ms. Gordon was Amanda Seyfried's double in the Warner Brothers film "Red Riding Hood," as well as stared in 5 episodes of "The Magnitude" for the American Red Cross. She can be seen as the comical character "Clea", in the November/December release of "Seducing Charlie Barker," for which she won two best actress awards at the Williamsburg and Geneva Film Festivals. For over a year Heather performed as the lead in the professional musical production of "The Donkey Show," directed by Tony Award winner ("Hair" 2009) Diane Paulus at the American Repertory Theatre in Massachusetts. Ms. Gordon also had the privilege of performing at the annual gala for Washington's prestigious Shakespeare Theatre Co., highlighted by the honoring of Sir Ian Mckellen.

Ms. Gordon toured California for over a year as the lead in 'Secrets', with Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater Programs. Past roles include Billie Dawn in 'Born Yesterday', Viola in 'Twelfth Night', Blanche in' A Streetcar Named Desire', and Abigail Williams in 'The Crucible'. Heather has done voiceovers for Nintendo Wii, Volvo, Clinique, AT&T, Sega and Slingbox Commercials. She also had a featured article and was the cover model for The Improper Bostonian Magazine Feb 2010, Vol 19, Issue 3. In 2008, Heather was Miss Marin County 2008 and a Top 8 finalist at Miss California for the Miss America Organization.

We VERY excited to announce the newest cast member and we know you will enjoy seeing her in December Dilemma.

Also we are thrilled to welcome San Francisco Toyota on board as one of our sponsors!! They have very generously offered to provide the automobiles needed for all road trip scenes. Thank you, SF Toyota!

If you are a company that would like to see your product in our film, or have your name in the credits, please contact us and let us know. We need to have all the sponsors in place before we begin shooting!

June 10, 2013

December Dilemma in the news!

This article just came out in the Canyon News that is published and goes out to Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Melrose, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Topanga Canyon, Westwood & Hollywood Hills.

To read the great article by Tommy Garrett, please click on this link:


Forward this to anyone you think would love to see the article.

The best publicity starts with you!!

June 9, 2013

We wish to congratulate our newest cast member!

The current cast of December Dilemma(Richard Benjamin, Beverly Washburn, and Ross Benjamin) would like you to join them in welcoming our newest cast member!

Gracie Gremel

We are VERY excited to announce the newest cast members.

Gracie Gremel was cast in the part of Emily Reissman just this Tuesday, Jun 7th. She came to our Call Backs on Saturday, Jun 4th and was amazing! Wait until you see her performance. She is going to steal the show and steal your hearts. To read more about her please to the Cast Page.

The film is really moving along. We will be announcing the final roles for Victoria Reissman and Billy Reissman very soon.

Also we have received many many email requests to work as an extra or in the background. The movie has a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve holiday party and we will be using many of you for this 5 day shoot!! We will be getting in touch with you soon!!

June 7, 2013

More updates are coming soon concerning casting updates!!

We just had call backs on Saturday, June 4th! Ross Benjamin and Beverly Washburn flew in to help. It was great to see the scenes played out in front of the camera. Every one auditioning did a GREAT job.

We will be announcing the casting for Billy, Emily, and Victoria very soon!! Keep checking!

May 27, 2013

An interview is being set up with Tommy Garret with Canyon News about our film but before it comes out, I thought I would share my interview with our fans. I hope you like my thoughts, answers, and ramblings.

First of all, Tommy, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to talk about our upcoming family feature film, December Dilemma. It is such a joy to be producing a film that gets back to a time when entertainment was simple and the story line was touching and humorous. I believe in putting the “family” back in family films. There is nothing wrong with being entertained. “Happy endings” are a good thing - and yet so hard to find nowadays.

Life is tough. There is a lot going on out there to deal with, (i.e. economy, loss of jobs, war, tensions). There is a beauty and joy in creating something that can let the audience escape for a few hours and forget their troubles. Some of the most wonderful times in the history of film -and a time when some of the greatest movies were created and produced - have always been during hard times – the Great Depression, WWII, Tin Pan Alley, etc. I am not saying we should ignore life or bury our heads in the sand – but we all need to escape and forget for a few hours. That is my plan. That is my goal. And I want to share that escape route with the world via December Dilemma.

Q-Adam, When did you write December Dilemma, and was it based on someone's real life?

I wrote December Dilemma out of a frustration with what is passing in the film world as “entertainment”. It seems that “Hollywood” seems to think that we can only be entertained by a film if it includes millions of dollars of special effects, or it contains violence and detailed gore, or it contains “in your face” sex, or it contains tragedy and pain.

It used to not be that way. Have we lost our way? Why are the old black and white films such as It’s A Wonderful Life, It Happened One Night, and The Bishop’s Wife such classics to this day? Because they are simple, they told a fun story, and they made you feel better for watching it.

Out of my frustration with the scripts being sent to me to consider and the films in production, I decided to sit down and write my own screenplay. My mother used to say, “Don’t complain, unless you can do it better yourself.”  I hope I have made Mom proud!

Why this story? I love the holidays. The best classic films involve a holiday. Holidays have so much love, tension, fun, zaniness, and celebrating all wrapped up in one neat package with a big red bow on top!

A lot of what happens in December Dilemma is based on my own experiences. Each incident that takes place happened to me, although in the film they are exaggerated to make them funnier or more dramatic. I have had an exciting life!

Q-You know that it's a lack of good family-oriented stories in Hollywood and in film and TV.  Do you see that changing in the future?

Tommy, I hope so. We have really lost our way. We are all in a mind set that “having a good time” is not possible unless we spend a lot of money, eat at a certain restaurant, vacation in a certain city, or buy a comforting item that is way out of our budget. Through film, I want to show people that simplicity is all it takes. A smile is priceless. A friendship is invaluable. Loving someone and having that love returned is the most precious “item” one can ever attain. December Dilemma takes each character and guides them back to what is good in their lives. They have lost sight of that for the moment, but they get turned back around to what is good in their lives. Simple pleasures. Happy endings.

Q-When are you going to start filming the feature?

We plan to start shooting on July 5th in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will be shooting some scenes in the city and some across the Bay. I love this area and there are not enough films being shot in this location. Also the local talent around here in both cast and crew has never been utilized to its full potential.

Making an independent film and going against the new “Hollywood” large studio system of “entertainment”, however, takes a lot of work and a lot of money. We are relying on the funding that is coming from friends, family, and the others who believe in what we are doing and supporting us. The reaction to making this wonderful film and getting back to simplistic family entertainment has been amazing, but we can always use more support! It keeps me awake on many a night!

Q-Tell us about your feature film and what is your motivation behind it?

December Dilemma is about a family. The main couple is a mixture of the husband being Jewish and the wife being Methodist. On the Jewish side, the family is disappointed the son chose to marry outside of the faith. On the Methodist side, the family is thrilled that the son has been “disowned” and can now celebrate Christmas every year with them.

One year the son decides to go back to his roots and involve his Jewish relatives in the holidays. In one of those rare times of the season when Chanukah and Christmas share the same dates, the two families come together and try to figure out how to celebrate both holidays without losing their own traditions.

It is very funny to watch as each family tries to “out do” the other. Everyone in the audience will recognize themselves and someone they know in each of the zany family members! As all of them get caught up in the traditions and trying to make their holiday craziness top the other’s holiday traditions, my screenplay gets them to finally realize that it is not about what we do that is important. It is more about who we do it with. Family, love, and sharing are more important than gifts, items, and traditions.

Q-When would you like to see this on DVD or in the independent film houses?

Our goal is to have this movie out in the theatre on a limited basis this holiday season. Why? Because this is one of those rare years when Christmas and Chanukah collide! What great timing! We did not plan this. It just happened to be taking place this year.

We will be going after all the major Independent Film Festivals and then doing distribution via DVD’s, downloads (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and NetFlix type services.

The great thing about a holiday film is its shelf life. Every year this movie will be watched and enjoyed. My dream is to make one more holiday classic for all the family to enjoy.

Once again, thank you so much Tommy for this opportunity. I hope your readers will support this film, our goals, and what we are trying to do. The best way to find out more and support us is via our website at www.DecemberDilemma.com.

Happy Holidays!!!! (early)  LOL
Adam Reeves - Producer/Director/Screenwriter

May 26, 2013

Call Backs are set for June 4th!!

We have been busily auditioning many of the local talent for the roles of Victoria (Vicky) Reissman and her two children, Billy (age 9) and Emily (age 7). We are happy to announce that the search has been making progress! We still have a few more auditions to do but some great talent has emerged so far.

We have set the date for Call Backs for Saturday, June 4th.

Beverly Washburn

Ross Benjamin

Ross Benjamin (playing Adam Reissman, husband and father) and Beverly Washburn (playing Gloria Hammond, mother and grandmother) will be flying in that day to read with the actresses and the children. It will be a great opportunity for the producers and director to see the cast as an ensemble and try out different combinations of family members.

"It is so important", said Adam Reeves, Director for the film, "that we select the cast based on talent, experience, AND look. A film about a family has to have the look and feel that they really are a family. It has to be believe able to the cast and to the audience. I believe it is so important. Before the first days of shooting, I plan to let the actors spend time together so that they start to form a bond and a history."

The entire Call Back procedure will be filmed for future review with the help of Grant Ellis and Matt Houston.


May 24, 2013

More casting updates!

We are very excited to announce two more additions to our "family".

Brian Patrick Mulligan Brian Patrick Mulligan has just been signed up to play the role of Reverend Coker. Brian comes to us with a very large and talented background. Perhaps you have seen him on The Jimmy Kimmel Show or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? He has played a wide range of characters from Benjamin Franklin to Dick Cheney. In the fun role of Reverend Coker, the Methodist minister who arrives at the Christmas Eve tree-trimming party, Brian will add the warmth and charm to win the hearts of the party guests and the film audience!
Carl Marino Carl Marino has also been chosen to join the cast of December Dilemma! Carl is a local San Francisco Bay Area talent that has been working steadily in the area from acting to modeling. We don't want to give away too much information on the role of Chad Parker that Carl will be bringing to life, but we will hint that he has quite a "past" with one of the lead actors and his arrival on the scene will cause quite a stir.

To read more about each of the actors and the cast, please be sure to visit the CAST PAGE.

May 8, 2013

A word from Adam Reeves - Producer/Director

I believe in family films. I believe in happy endings. And I believe in the movies that make us feel better because we have experienced and can relate to them. That is why December Dilemma was created. And that is why I so strongly believe in this film and what it stands for.

If you are a fan of the old classic "feel good" holiday films, such as It's A Wonderful LifeThe Christmas StoryThe Bishop's Wife, and so many others, then you will understand why this film was written. My yearning and admiration for the family holiday film genre can be witnessed in every line and character that was created to tell this wonderful story. I want to bring back the simplicity and sincerity that is missing in so many films being churned out today.

Every one who has become involved with this project or has read the script first hand agrees that we have a winner! December Dilemma is destined to become the next big holiday film classic to be seen over and over again year after year. I am honored to be directing and producing such a film and I am overwhelmed by the wonderful cast and crew that are surrounding and supporting me. 

May 3, 2013

The perfect holiday gift! Start planning on what you will be giving as a holiday gift this year. And what could be a more perfect gift for all on your list than a copy of December Dilemma? You can now reserve your copy. Not only will this take care of your holiday shopping but you will also be helping to fund the movie. Bring Richard Benjamin, and Beverly Washburn into your home this holiday with the family comedy for all ages and beliefs. No matter how you celebrate, this movie will fit the bill!

Or how about the gift of putting you, or your family member, or your friend up on the screen in the credits? They will be immortalized by having their name shown on the silver screen and in videos as a special "thank you" listing in the film's credits.

To find out more about getting your copy reserved now or to see how else you can help, click here to go the Funding Page. What a unique way to give the perfect holiday gift.

May 2, 2013

We wish to welcome Laurie Jacobson to the growing list of cast members. Laurie will be playing the pivotal role of the Family Friend who appears at Saul Reissman's funeral and is a strong part of the plot. Laurie's audition showed that she was a perfect fit to the film and we are sure that audiences will agree. Welcome, Laurie!

April 29, 2013

Shareholders rejoice! You can now invest in December Dilemma and enjoy the profits and returns as the movie enjoys its success and fame. A holiday film is a great investment. Each year it will return and be seen over and over again. And that means return profits! Join the growing number of investors by having us send you more information today! Click here to go to the Shareholders Page. It will be the best gift you can buy. An investment that just keeps giving and giving. A real holiday treat!

April 26, 2013

December Dilemma begins the search for leading actress. We are holding auditions for the lead actress playing Victoria Hammond. If you want more information on auditioning and the part, contact http://aecasting.com/Casting.

April 25, 2013

December Dilemma website goes live! There are still a few tweaks to make but the basic information is up.